Welcome to SaciBase


SaciBase is a database directed to comparative and functional genomics and cytogenomics.

So, why create a new genomic database? Beyond classical comparative and functional genomics analyses, SaciBase intends to integrate cytogenetics and genomics. In this way, SACI acronym means “Search and Analysis for Cytogenomic Integration”.

Saci is one of the best-known Brazilian folklore characters. He is an one-legged black youngster who smokes a pipe and wears a magical red cap that enables him to disappear and reappear wherever he wishes (usually in the middle of a dust devil). A mischievous prankster, it’s only possible to trap him using a sieve and keeping him inside a bottle.

The Saci folklore in Brazil originated at the end of the XVIII century and became immortalized in the book “The Saci” (O Saci, in Portuguese) by the Brazilian writer Monteiro Lobato, in 1921. Currently, Botucatu city is considered the Saci capital of Brazil and is the home of the “National Association of Saci Culture Keepers” and the place for the classical annual “National Saci Festival”.

In this way, SaciBase brings the agitated dynamics of the folklore Saci character into the DNA level in order to perform a powerful integration of genomics and cytogenetics.


SaciBase is an initiative of the Integrative Genomics Laboratory (LGI). The SaciBase logo art was developed by the LGI team, with the draw expertise of Diogo Moraes.

If you have any question or experience problems using SaciBase, please contact Cesar Martins